Elaborated Codes: Textuality and Literacy in Low Skill Workplaces

By Joachim Schroeder.

Published by The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning

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Linguistic analyses of simple low skill jobs in the low wage sector show that such jobs often have only very few requirements for use of written language. But examination of these activities from a semiotic viewpoint shows that even jobs requiring only restricted use of written language are based on a highly elaborated textuality which has to be decoded by the employees there, in the course of everyday work. This article demonstrates the multimodal textual structure of the world of work on the basis of empirical analyses and examines the consequences for school education and vocational training.

Keywords: Multimodality, Textual Semiotics, Workplace Analysis

The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp.15-22. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 344.099KB).

Dr. Joachim Schroeder

Senior Professor, Department of Education, Institute for Special Needs Education, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Joachim Schroeder is a professor for education and learning disabilities at the University of Hamburg. He has a PhD in science of education. He is the author of a variety of books and articles regarding learning under conditions of poverty and migration, with a particular focus on refugees. His recent publications include empirical anlaysis in the field of workplace literacy.