A Proposal of a Training Program to Develop Professional Skills Necessary for Adult Teachers in UAE

By Samia Elbassiouny.

Published by The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning

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A teacher is the most important element in the learning and teaching process, and he is the one who creates and provides the appropriate didactic environment to enable the learner to achieve the educational goals. In order for the teacher to be able to achieve these goals, he must be prepared and qualified to enhance his performance and competencies. The training programs should prepare the teachers to attain a high level of performance in their profession to be able to encourage the students to be motivated to learn. In the light of this, the adult learners are in need of motivation and awareness of the value and importance of education. Not only because they had dropped out of school, but also because their personalities and characteristics have stabilized and become consistent, making it difficult for ordinary teachers to change them. This is most prominent when the teachers face the challenges of changing trends, beliefs and values such as the value of learning and the importance of education to improve the students’ life and future. Thus, the mission of the teacher for adults is required to learn and enhance special skills and professional competencies as routes that include several aspects of teaching methods, classroom management, psychological and social aspects of adult learners. This study is aimed to determine the necessary professional educational skills for teachers of adults, and the contribution of current teachers training programs to develop these skills from the perspective of teachers, and supervisors of adults in the Abu Dhabi educational zone. The descriptive method has been used in this study. Moreover, the study developed two tools, first: a survey to identify the professional skills that the adult teachers need on a personal and teaching level. Second: a form to identify the contribution of the current teachers’ training programs in developing these skills from the viewpoint of adult teachers. The benefits of this current study is to know the reality of the current teachers’ training programs and contributes to the development of future teachers training programs based on the teachers of adult points of view.

Keywords: Training Teachers, Teachers of Adults, Adult Education

The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning, Volume 19, Issue 2, pp.41-57. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 499.189KB).

Dr. Samia Elbassiouny

Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Department, Faculty of Education, Port Said University, Port Said, Egypt

Dr. Samia is Assistant Professor, Arabic and Islamic Curricula and Methods of Teaching, Faculty of Education, Port Said University, Egypt.