Learning Community: An Alternative Model of Spreading Academic Knowledge

By Anat Raviv.

Published by The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning

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The course "This Child is Me" was donated to the community as part of a multi-dimensional project of the Tel Hai Academic College for the community.
The contribution of this course to the community will be examined through two main models: Evaluation of Social-Educational Projects (Friedman, 2005), Appreciative Inquiry using the Learning from Success Model (Rosenfeld, 2006). The main objective of the study is understanding the effect and contribution of the project to the community from the following aspects: accessibility of academic knowledge to the community, community-academia meetings, parents, teachers, and staff meetings for shared learning, and perception changes among parents and teachers regarding the meaningful treatment of learning-disabled children. Following the analysis of the process using these two models, we will aim to develop a new conceptual perception for building partnerships between the academia and the community, and introduce a significant intervention model that creates a multi-dimensional network of connections.
"This Child is Me" serves as a case study for examining the process of the Academy’s involvement in the community and its contribution to the dissemination of knowledge.
Study Population: Parents and teachers participating in lectures during 2012-2014. The study is a mixed method research.

Keywords: Community-academia Meetings, Sharing Academic Knowledge

The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning, Volume 22, Issue 3, September 2015, pp.1-15. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: May 26, 2015 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 815.922KB)).

Dr. Anat Raviv

Lecturer, Education Department, Tel-Hai Academic College, Haifa, Israel

ANAT RAVIV - CURRICULUM VITAE Personal status: 1958, married, 4 children. Education: 1984-1987 Haifa University: BA in the History of Art, General BA (Education and Social Work). 1995-1996 Clark University, Boston: M.Sc. in communication, majoring in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, communication in education. 2000-2004 Anglia Polytechnic University: PhD in Education. Dr Anat Raviv Lecturer at the Department of 'Education' Tel-Hai Academic College Dr Anat Raviv serves as a lecturer at Tel-Hai Academic College at the education department and also as a free lancer lecturer for the Ministry of Education in the field of in service teacher's continuing education program expert in teaching/learning and evaluation strategies. Dr Anat Raviv is the general manager of Revivm ltd, a company that instructor and develop teachers and principles in the education system in Israel. Research areas: teaching and learning strategies, classroom instruction and interaction, cooperative learning, formative assessment methods, projects evaluation, developing in school holistic evaluation programs. Dr. Anat Raviv was nominated as an expert of teaching / learning and evaluation strategies, designing curricula for the Israeli ministry of education in 2003, working as an expert adviser in these subjects at some teacher's centres. My research in recent years has focused on: developing interdisciplinary curricula; learning strategies; alternative assessment methods as a lever to improve the achievements of underachieving societies. A longitudinal study on this subject was conducted, accompanied by intensive field work in which the curriculum was assimilated using alternative teaching methods and assessment. Conventions and publications: The study and its results were presented at the Fourth International Convention for Teachers' Training in Israel under the auspices of the Israeli Ministry of Education and MOFET Institute. An article on this subject was published in the Convention's proceedings: "An Interdisciplinary Program as a Lever to Promote Underachieving Students in an Era of Information Explosion". 2004 "Issues and dilemmas in a research combining qualitative and quantitative data" International Journal of Applied Management.